Group training

A group training consists of Pilates exercises on the mat, in a group of six to ten people. In the training I seek a balance between fun and seriousness, and group members stimulate each other. Under my expert and enthusiastic guidance, you get the most out of the Pilates class. During training, small materials are also used, such as the Pilates rings, balls, balance pads, elastic bands and weights. This brings variation and deepening. No lesson is the same! Schepbalans offers group training at various levels. In addition to the “normal” intermediate training sessions (although Pilates is of course never normal …) there are also “low impact” training courses. These are group training sessions at a slower pace with sometimes adapted exercises. Furthermore, there are group training courses at an “advanced” level. Check the class schedule to see which training is taking place. You can always attend a trial lesson to get acquainted with Pilates and get a good idea of a Pilates training. If you have any questions, you can of course contact Pilates teacher Nely Schep from SchepBalans.

The mats are available at the lesson locations. The Pilates group lessons take place at:

Fysiotherapie Kleine Steeg, Kleine Steeg 7H in Sittard, on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, and

Studio33 Pilates Sittard, Rijksweg Zuid 78 in Sittard on Friday.